Saturday, April 30, 2005

Here it comes!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Attendants, Paiges, Serfs, Peasants, and all ye Fools take heed as well,

Yesterday I was thinking, as I was told once, is a very good thing to do, about the date. Suddenly I remembered that it was April 29th! I at once got very excited and asked my sister Rebekah what the date was to see if she knew the grand significance of the date. (the following converstation transpired yesterday afternoon)
"What's today?" I asked eagerly.
"Friday, April 29th." She replied complacently as if she tells me what day it is every day of the week.
"Yes, yes, I knew that. But what's tomorrow?" I asked again.
Looking befuddled "Saturday, April 30th."
"Uh huh. And what is April 30th?" I asked her this time very excitedly and pointedly.
She looked at me as if I had completely lost my marbles "SATURDAY. Is this a trick question?"
"No, no! What comes after April 30th?"
(another confused look) "May." She answered slowly.
"Correct! And what happens in May?" I press further.
*a loooong pause and another confused look* "My birthday?" she replied tentatively.
It dawned on me that she was just NOT getting this as you probably aren't either.
Therefore, to dispell all your concerns for my mental health, and to end your suspense about the significance of what today, Saturday, April 30th is, I shall tell you.
Today: Saturday, April 30th, 2005 AD
is the Start of the 2005 RCC FAMILY CAMP COUNTDOWN!! :^D
You may think I'm starting it a bit early this year but I like to start at the beginning of May, and seeing as how May 1st is a Sunday, I thought I'd just start today!
And along with it, as does the first countdown of every year, comes the following notice:
I welcome all memories, comments, funnies, or suggestions. Be forewarned that I will reject anything obscene, uncouth, tragic, or stupid. Be also forewarned that if I find what you have to say witty, clever, or in any way remotely funny, I will use it and let it be noted it might be plagarized. :-)
I don't send the countdown out on the Sabbath so don't be alarmed if you don't see it.
If anyone for any reason, does NOT want to recieve this countdown, let me know, and (depending on who you are) I will remove your name from the list. :-)
Well, that's it for now! If I think of something I'll fill it in tomorrow. Everyone have a great day!
42 Days Until Family Camp! (I'm so excited!!) :-)
Rachel Unger :-)