Friday, May 16, 2008

You Know Your Math Professor is a Nerd When:

He starts randomly quoting Monty Python and the Holy Grail in class...

Wait...I knew what he was quoting...does that make me a nerd???

On second thought--- don't answer that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Latest and Greatest

Well, this week marks my last week at Columbia Credit Union. After working here for 2 years, I'm leaving to go work for Boise Paper starting a week from today. It was another one of those doors that God opened up and showed me (again) how good He is. I'm coming to understand how much I have to learn about trusting in Him.

I've spent some time today and the other day doing things at work and then thinking to myself "This is probably the last time I'll do ___". All my filing is done, my desk drawer is cleaned out (except for my hand sanitizer that I use REGULARLY), my computer files have all been deleted, besides anything important that I really need to keep and those I've emailed to myself. I've been saying goodbye to some of my members that come in to see me. A few people, that I've built good relationships with, have exchanged numbers with me so we can keep up later.

I'm really looking forward to this Saturday! It will be the first Saturday in about 4 years that I won't have to work aside from those Saturdays when I was on vacation.
Having those days off will be so nice. I'll have more time to spend with my family and other special people. =^) The new hours will enable me to continue finishing my school and still have a life after work.

All in all, life has been going really well. I'm still trying to figure out how to properly juggle some of the new things in my life, but slowly and surely, it's all coming together. It helps that people are very patient with me. =^D
I started the Family Camp countdown this past week too. I can't believe it's almost 25 days left!! Ack! I feel like I need to start packing!! Or at least making my packing list....*sigh*
Me and my lists. =^)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Goodbye Friend

Yesterday, we had to say "goodbye" to our good doggie friend Maggie. She was dying of kidney failure. We knew for a while that this was coming, but it was still hard for us to say that final goodbye.
Maggie was a wonderful pet for the very short time we had her. She would have had her first birthday tomorrow. But, God in His wisdom had better plans for her and us.
I've always loved dogs. They love unconditionally, are not embarassed by open displays of affection, protect us, and have hearts that just get bigger with time. Maggie was no exception. From the moment I saw her at three weeks old, my heart was lost to her charms. She was a total lover of a puppy--would greet me with a smile and a very wiggly body then flop down to get her belly rubbed (and I fell for it everytime...) She also was beginning to develop her protective "mama" side--would bark warningly at the door or just come and stand by you, letting you know she was there and everything was alright. She had the softest puppy-ears and would give sweet "kisses" when you let her. Her goofy side came through too--she loved to swing on the swings in our playset, I think she even tried the slide once. She may have only lived for 363 days, but she loved and was loved every minute of them.
I've been blessed in my life to have two great dog friends: my first dog Daisy, who we had for 14 years, and then Maggie. I think if they had known eachother they would have been best friends. Maybe they are already friends in heaven... I'd like to think so.
Often times God will bring friends into our lives, maybe even for a short time, that test our patience and make us grow in it, show us what it means to trust, how to laugh harder, and how to love unconditionally. Maggie was such a friend.
Goodbye baby...I'll miss you.