Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Can you hear the ocean?

And again it comes,
We have 5 days left.
I could go on about the significance of the number 5: How there are 5 children in my family; five is the number of strength; there are 5 fingers on each hand; etc; etc. But I'll spare you all the monotony.
Besides, I have to go to work. :-)

5 Days until Camp!! AAAGGGHH! I'm nowhere near being packed!!
Yours, About to Run Mad in Wild Frenzy,
Rachel :-)

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Hello all,
This is going to be short and sweet.
Chocolate brownies.
There, short and very sweet. mmm, now I'm hungry.
6 days until Camp!
Rachel :-)

Monday, June 06, 2005

One more week, one more week, one more week...

Hi eberyone,
You'll hab to excube be, I hab a colb. But besibes dat, I hab wonderbul news:

I just saved a bunch of money by switching my car insurance to Geico!
*pause for effect*
Ok,so not really! :-) The true wonderful news is that:

WE'VE GOT ONE WEEK LEFT! One week to scramble to pack, one more week to wait on pins and needles, one more week to think up all the fun things you want to do at camp, one more week to - um, I think you get the picture. :-)
Aren't you looking forward to that windy road through the mountains? The smell of Tillamook dairy farms that hits you after come out of the woods; counting blue herons as you pass the swamps; feeling the crunch of gravel under the tires as you pull into the camp and then looking about expectantly for familiar faces?

I've copied a poem that Esther Prentice wrote and was in the countdown a few years ago. I thought it quite apropos to send it through again.

Family Camp Through The Eyes Of A Newcomer
By Esther Prentice

I first arrive at the gravel drive
Thankful that the long trip I survived.
It strikes me as a quiet place
With here and there a friendly face.
And shining out like cheerful beacons
Are the people I recognize as the deacons.
We walk down the road and my cabin they show me
It's a trifle cold , but on the whole homey.
An hour later it's time for the meal
An organized and tasteful deal.
The fresh baked food is just delicious
Though the iced tea tastes a little suspicious.
I fill out the card with a mere suggestion
That " lemonade is much better for digestion".
And a day passes by so quickly it seems
With days of peace and nights filled with sweet dreams.
Before I know , it's time to go home...........
I have made lots of friends that now I hold dear
Yes, I think I'll come back next year.

Rachel :-)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Hi everyone,
No I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I know it's been a few days since I've campdowned but I've been rather busy lately so you'll just have to forgive me, call me a slacker, hate me for the rest of your life, give me chocolate, or whatever makes you feel happy.
I've compiled a list of things to do on the way to camp. I know that for many of you it's only 2 hours, but think of all that you can do in 2 hours! Plus there are those people who might find themselves bored after the first 5 minutes. Some of these are from the list I made last year, and some are new.

1) Ask where the map is, study it upside down, then ask the driver every 5-10 minutes "are you SURE you know where you're going?"
2) Drink as much water, soda, liquid as possible so you can check out all the rest stops along the way. Some have free coffee and cookies.
3) Find out how many different keys you can sing "Polly-wally-doodle" in.
4) Re-enact the final fight scene of Star Wars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. (Make sure you have plenty of room and don't cut anyone else's legs off.)
5) Hang your head out the window and bark like a dog at passing cars.
6) Ask everyone in the car for a quarter and tell them you're using it to call a cab for the way home.
7) If you're the driver, make as many 'U' turns as possible- it always makes other drivers like you even more, plus you'll make your passengers antsy because they'll think you've gotten lost.
8) Listen to headphones but sing all the songs out loud
9) About halfway there, suddenly shout, "Wait!! I forgot something!! We have to go back!!"
10) Or if you're one of those boring people, you could just watch the scenery or read a book. :-)

9 Days until Camp!