Monday, May 18, 2009

Lovely Weekend

I had a great weekend! Warm weather, good food, and great company! This past Friday I went up to Tacoma to visit my aunt there. We had a good time-- went to the movies and saw the new X-Men film- "Wolverine". We both really enjoyed it! :-)
Saturday morning we went for a 5 mile walk, then took naps (we were both tired!) Remembered just in time to watch the Preakness Stakes, which, was an incredible race. I knew Rachel Alexandra was going to win. I just knew she would. :-) We also visited Gig Harbor and walked around, down towards the docks and watched the boats on the water.
Sunday we had church in the morning but afterwards packed up our lunch and took the dog down to the beach for some more gorgeous sunshine! I got sunburned. But that's ok.

Hopefully pictures to follow shortly. :-) I hope your weekend was as nice!

(And for all 2 of you who read this and might care...27 days til camp!)

Monday, May 04, 2009


Wow. I can’t believe it’s May. Well, actually I can. But it seems to have gotten here so fast. I think there are only 40 days until Family Camp starts and 47 until I leave for Poland.
Wait…did I just say 47??? Um—I think I have some list writing to do…

So, the past 25 days or so I’ve been working, doing some projects, visiting my older sister in Canada. Don’t think I mentioned that before—that’s cause I s’prised her. :-) Yup. She didn’t know I was coming. I’ve been planning this since the end of January. It was great! She had no clue and was completely shocked!
We had a great time. It was a really good for both of us. Now I miss her and can’t wait until June! :-) Only about 40 days!

(Did I just say that again?!?)