Monday, May 21, 2007

Family Camp

20 days and counting!!!

I must go get my packing list together.
Every year I pack way to much stuff all in the name of "What if I need it??" and every year I get to camp and don't use it! I'm determined to pare down. I will only bring two books (instead of the normal 3.) I will bring my small Bible - instead of my rather large one with the cover/carrier thingy. I will only bring one crocheting project this year instead of two. I will only bring one hat, I probably won't wear it but at least it's only one. I will bring only 1 jacket and 1 hoodie (well, maybe 2 depending on the weather report). I will bring cash, my baseball glove and two pairs of sunglasses. Last year I only brought one pair and they got lost. =(
I will not bring 50 million pairs of earrings...only 20 million.

And I will bring only 4 pairs of shoes this year... I promise!! =)

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