Wednesday, August 15, 2007

it still breathes

ok, so I admit it.
I am probably THE most delinquent blogger in the world. Or at least the state of Washington. And don't let this post fool you or get your hopes up. There's no telling when I might post again.

What's been happening since June 08, 2007? I hope I can give a quick rundown.

~Family Camp: one week of awesome fellowship and fun and good sound teaching
~Came home from camp and two days later brought home our new baby - she's so cute! Tons of gold blonde hair, shiny eyes, and she' s growing so fast. Her name is Maggie and we all love her to death, especially Olivia- oh, I guess I should mention- Maggie is a Golden Retriever.... ;-)
~Felt depressed after camp and spent about 3 weeks recovering.
~Did other stuff- but can't remember now---I worked alot

~Did more stuff at home
~We started getting a new gas fireplace in our family room which set of the domino effect in the house- the piano had to get moved which moved the telephone shelf which made us move the microwave which then made us get a new range microwave. The microwave took over Mom's cupboard space for her cookbooks so we now have a really lovely black hutch/cabinet in the kitchen and a little extra counter space; always nice.
The fireplace is "in" but still have the finishing work to be done.
~I drove to Moscow the last week of July to visit a good friend: Ammy Becker. Spent four days there and had a great time! (visited Bucer's a lot- love that place!)

August - current:
~Our family went camping, this time it was far more successful and a lot of fun! Drove 5 hours to beautiful Sunset Bay State Park in Oregon (near Coos Bay, OR) I was only there for two days due to work but it was great. Went hiking, took pictures, laid on the beach, got sunburned, went boogie boarding, and did some fishing too! Now you might ask the question: Did you bait your own hook? Well what do you think? =)

So that about covers it. You can fill in the gaps with work, running errands, being at home, reading, and getting on Facebook. =)

Hope you all feel very informed by this most meaningful post and I hope it is sufficient for all of you avid readers of this blog (not really) that have been wondering if I am indeed alive or if I was taken captive by aliens, or had run away to join the circus, or had simply felt devoid of any imagination at all to write something remotely interesting. Not that this in interesting in anycase, but I felt my blog needed some attention. They can be so tempermental at times- you don't want to neglect them for too long.
But then, look who's talking.

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