Monday, October 22, 2007

It's amazing how little things can act a as small "pick me up" even if you aren't really feeling down. Things like a cup of hot coffee or chocolate; a recognition or compliment from someone in upper management at my job; even just seeing my family for a few brief minutes before I go to work. Small reminders of God's goodness that keep me moving through my day, reminding me that little things DO matter.

Yesterday we had monthly fellowship after church at a host family's house. The Deacon leader suggested a time of sharing our favorite Bible verse and tell why we liked it or what it meant to us. I had mine: 1 John 4:19. Many of the verses that were shared were meaningful to me as well and it was very encouraging to hear the other verses people shared and why they liked them, etc. We also had a time of singing, during which I came to the realization that I really need to be learning and practicing the hymns from our liturgy more regularly!! :^D

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