Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today. It's Thursday.

Today I am going to do the following:

10:40am - Wake up. Seeing as how I got out of bed at 6:00 this morning, this shouldn’t be an issue, but it is.

11:59am - Complete the orders that need to be entered.

12:30:13pm - I will organize the pile of paperwork on my desk. I WILL…even though it is almost 4 inches high and seems to me an Everest of paper.

12:53pm – Stare out the window at passing birds, airplanes, and the police car that keeps patrolling past the abandoned vehicle on the street. Sigh and turn back to the pile of paperwork.

1:17 pm - Catch up on my Bible reading…I missed one of the days this week and am behind as a result. Not good if you’re on a “Read through the Bible in a Year” program.

1:06pm - Not drink any more coffee. Green tea and Dr. Pepper are still options however.

2:37pm - Smash the radio that keeps playing the same songs on the same station all day. (Ok, maybe not since it’s not mine, but I feel like it.)

3:12pm – finish whatever else has happened during my day, emails, phone calls, etc.

4:24 - leave work for school

4:46 - arrive at school. Proceed to the computer lab and check out a laptop to do homework on.

6:00pm - Chemistry Lab. I love chemistry. Pray I don't blow something up.

8:07pm - leave Chemistry lab for home.

8:34pm - put stuff away at home. Put away any remnants of clean laundry in my room while listening to the "Far and Away" soundtrack.

8:58 - bemoan current car situation while searching Craigslist for new one.

10:13pm - "I shall take my father's advice. I shall go to bed at once."

*name that movie :^)

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Leah V. said...

An Ideal Husband =) That's such a great quote!