Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Good morning. It's Tuesday. And I feel like confessing. It is Lent after all.
Which brings me to Confession #1: I had a piece of dark chocolate the other morning (I think it was Saturday) before I realized what day it was.
Confession #2: I'm really behind in my Read the Bible in a Year program. Not so good, especially if you're supposed to be leading the online segment of the Bible study. I'm failing at this.
Confession #3: I had two Dr. Pepper's yesterday at lunch. I did not give up caffiene for Lent so I'm not sure if that's really something worthy of confessing, but now you know.

I feel better now. Thank you.

And now here is a sunny little thing just up from California to make you smile on this day. She made me smile even though I had to take her out at 6am this morning - and I assure you, I was in no mood for frolicking about the yard when I rolled out of bed, but frolick we did.


Leah V. said...

Cute, cute puppy! Is she yours, or just visiting?

Those Read the Bible in a Year programs are easy to get behind on. They seem to assign so many chapters in one day that if you miss a day it's nigh impossible to get back on track. Hope you succeed!

Rachel said...

Leah - yes she's ours. We adopted her from the pound this past weekend. She's one of the dogs that came up from Merced Co.
Thanks - I'm working on catching up tonight!