Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Stuff

Have you ever heard of this product? --->
My sister told me about it; she'd been trying it and liked it. I decided that since I was squeezing the last drops out of my old bottle, I'd give it a try. I'm on day 5 of using it. My reaction so far: I like it. And here's why.
1) I have fine hair - not thin, but fine and can get oily pretty fast, or dry out just as fast depending on the products I use. I like the idea of using a shampoo that doesn't have harsh sulfates in it that strip my hair and dry it out.
2) It leaves my hair feeling clean and soft and my scalp mosturized (but not overly).
3) It's a little bit cheaper as the Tresemme, or Pantene products I've used in the past.
4) It smells really good! It's got a light minty, rosemary, juniper fragrance. Which, really, shouldn't be a factor, but it is for me. :^)
I also bought the conditioner when I bought the shampoo. So far, me and my hair are happy. :^)

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