Thursday, September 21, 2006

Technological advances

I used to think that I hated technology. Well maybe hated is too strong a word. Had a severe dislike would be more accurate. Now I wonder if perhaps my dislike has merely stemmed from the fact that I'm more technologically challenged than most. (Mechanically - not that bad but technologically -yes) I've never been that good on a computer. Sure I can type, but I don't know how a modem works and I don't understand the difference between DSL and dial-up (except that one is faster than the other), I used to think the monitor WAS the computer (of course that was quiet a few years ago), I am completely HTML illiterate, and the difference between RAM and a Megabyte or Gigabyte or a Hugebyte or whatever it is, is completely lost on me. I've been trying for months to figure out my blog template so that I can post pictures and actually set up links to other people's sites.I don't know the difference between an Ipod and an MP3 player and I've just recently figured out all the buttons on our DVD remote but still don't know how the receiver works or how to set the surround sound on. I don't even think I know the meaning of the word "streaming" even though I hear it all the time. I realize that I am probably shaming myself by admitting all of this but then I realize it's good for one to be humbled every now and then. I have to tell myself that contrary to what I think and what others may think about me, I don't know everything. My proficiencies lay elsewhere. Such as reading and more domestic types of skills, English and Grammar (to a degree).
But as I sit here with my dad's laptop, I am convinced once again that technological advances are good and that I probably can figure it out....Eventually. I think I need to get one of these things. But that of course will have to take it's place, along with everything else that could possibly be useful in my life, on it's place in my priority totem pole. There are other things that I'm trying to pay for at the moment: school and a car and its insurance to start with.
So, I guess what I'm saying is I do like technology and so far it's been used for my good and no doubt I will be learning more as time goes by. (BTW - I've tried to read "HTML for Dummies" and it made no sense. Kind of like math - it's like trying to speak to a Chinese person without a translator.) I can do it it will just take a lot of time. However, if any of you feel the pull of your heartstrings at the sight of my pathetic ignorance, or view this post as a feeble plea for help and feel compelled to step forward and assist your fellow man (or woman in this case) in a step toward greater knowledge and help give her a better edge in this quickly evolving and highly competitive technological world, by no means will I turn you away or spurn your help! :-) Please don't take this as me feeling sorry for myself and "Oh, I wish someone would help me!" kind of statement. I mean more to poke fun at myself than anything. Personally, I find it rather funny when people look at me with that "you don't know what THAT is?" kind of look on their face. Then I smile and pay close attention as they so kindly explain it to me. :-)
Call me stupid, call me blonde (wait a sec, I am!) but hey! that's me! ;-)

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