Thursday, August 28, 2008

Good News

I got the news this week that I passed my college Algebra class! Hallelujah and Glory be!! (and I'm not being sarcastic!)
It was the fourth time I'd taken the class...yes, you read that correctly...fourth. I used to be ashamed of that but then I realize that the first two times, the medium in which I took it was not good for me, the visual learner. The by the third time, I realized what it was that I had problems with and by the fourth time, I overcame!

I'm very thankful that God gave me the clarity of mind to learn what I needed, the strength and perserverance to continue and the grace to succeed.

Now on to the next one! The nice thing about the next class I have to take: it's my last one! Lord-willing I'll be done with my Associates in Arts degree by December. I'm really excited!

(But I am really glad I do get a least for a month until class starts again)

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