Friday, December 05, 2008

Cameo #6


The baby of the family. My little Pixie. :-)

The other night, all of us sisters were sitting around the table talking and Olivia was making us laugh so hard. We weren't laughing at her, we were laughing with her. She has a very sharp wit and is really a lot of fun to be around! Sometimes it's hard to believe she's only 8. I look at her now, so tall and smart and wonder where the cute, dimpled little baby went. Well, you just have to get her to laugh really hard and you'll see the dimple. :-)

From a very young age, Olivia has had a talent for art. She has an great eye for 3-D detail and her pictures are really fun to look at. And to get!
Livy loves to sing and usually is. Her sweetness brings a smile to the face of those who know her. She's into everything Princess or American Girl. She just got another AG doll for Christmas--a friend for the one she has. Thanks to her brother, she also knows more about Star Wars and Legos than any other girl her age I've met.

She's definitely a Pixie and all our lives a bit sweeter for her.

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