Monday, November 24, 2008

Cameo # 5

[For those of you that thought I'd forgotten or didn't care about the rest of my were wrong...I just got delayed. Hey, I can still be thankful into Christmas can't I? ;-) ]


My one and only little brother. :-)
Jared is 100% boy. Star Wars, Legos, building things, guns, action figures, you name it. If I was ever to write a handbook on little boys, I'd make sure to mention that they have hollow legs and come fully equipped with sound effects including the following: disgusting noises, explosions for 1001 different types of weaponry, and goofy laugh for silly jokes.

Jared is the kind of boy that is always looking for ways to help you. When he learned how to mow the lawn this summer, I did a little happy dance and sang the "Hallelujah" chorus-the whole thing. (ok, so not maybe the whole thing...)He always has a great attitude if I ask him to help me with the dishes or some other job where we work together. The older he gets, the deeper our conversations are. It's been really fun watching him grow and seeing our relationship develop from being just the Big sister/2nd mother figure to just being a sister and a friend.

If you ever want to know all the names of the Portland Trail Blazers, their stats, most recent scores, who they're playing next, or any other fun fact about them, Jared's your man. He loves basketball and watching the Blazers play. (He likes to remind me every time he sees Brandon Roy that he has a signed ball from him.)

Jared and I have a lot in common and a love for reading is no exception. Everytime I see him reading, it's usually a new book. I love it when he comes and asks me to borrow a book of my shelf. :-)

Jared was born when I was 11 1/2. I don't think I could ever imagine what life would be like without him. I remember holding him right after Mom and Dad brought him home from the hospital and wondering to myself what life would be like when he was my age. Suddenly, I find that time is here and I love what life is like with him in it!

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