Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cameo #3


My little-big sister (I’m taller than her). Sometimes I think about my friends who don’t have big sisters and kind of feel bad for them because I feel like they missed out in some way.

Bethany, as the oldest was a guinea pig for a lot of things, homeschooling for one. She got to try out all the new curriculum before I had to use it.
Growing up she was great to play Barbies with and house and dress up. She was also great for instigating trouble and then getting me into it... not that I didn’t cause enough of that on my own, but that’s a topic for another day…
Bethany has always been a girly-girl (she used to call me over to where she was to kill spiders); she liked being clean and pretty. She still is that way today, but now I know that she’s not afraid to get down and dirty if she has too.

Bethany has great fashion sense, and honestly, it’s probably because of her and my other sister Rebekah (see tomorrow’s post) that I don’t only wear T-shirts and blue jeans EVERYWHERE (only every-other-where). ;-)

Bethany is a nurse. This meant that for four years I had got to listen to the long winded descriptions of the “vast majorialis-imperlus sephornitusis.” Don’t get me wrong---she’s really smart and secretly I was impressed—if I only showed that I was annoyed. ;-)

One of the most amazing things about Bethany is watching her as a mom. She married this really great guy named Alex (who, by-the-way, is a good big brother-in-law)and they have the cutest little boy, Jordan. No, I'm not biased; he just is. To know her as a sister, a friend, see her as a wife, has all revealed things about her character. Watching her as a mom has been really neat. There’s strength of character and determination of will that I never saw, even when she was in nursing school. I admire that immensely.

Some things you might not know about Bethany:

1. She can be kind of gullible. Ask her about the ice-maker story. She might tell you. If not, see me...I will! :-)
2. She helped open a human skull in a class for nursing school.
3. I think at one point she pretty much knew every single person at Clark College either by name or just by reputation. She was popular. :-)

Yeah, she’s pretty much an amazing big sister and when she’s gone I miss her tons, and when she’s visiting, we always have a blast. Did I mention she’s coming next week?!?!

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