Friday, November 21, 2008

Cameo # 4


Where do you start when describing one of your bestest friends? As I mentioned in my post about Bethany, Rebekah is the other reason why I have any fashion sense today. Not that we ever agree on clothes, but at least she admits that I look like I belong in the right century. ;-)

Rebekah has this magnetic charm about her makes everyone- old people, young people, weird people, freaks and geeks alike, love her. (I’m weird and slightly freaky so I would know.) That and she’s so darn cute! I think she’s actually beaten Bethany’s record of how many people she knows at school…
Rebekah went from being the youngest of 3 to the middle of 5. She’s borne the “forgotten-middle-child” syndrome very well.
Growing up she was my “let’s go outside, get dirty, and build forts” pal. Rebekah was a good child and Mom and Dad knew it so even though I used to try to get her in trouble, it didn’t always work.

She’s one of the only people that can annoy me and make me laugh out loud simultaneously. She’s my movie quoting, road trip, let’s-stare-at-people-and-make-up-stories-about-them, buddy; we could go on for hours and have tons of fun that only we can understand.

Rebekah is finishing her pre-reqs at Clark right now, training to be a nurse. Once again, I get to listen to all the intricate details of Anatomy and Physiology class or her current project on----- tapeworms. She has a very strong stomach and an exceedingly brilliant mind.

Some things you might not know about Rebekah:
1.I have a few nicknames for Rebekah: Buzz, Robin, and Tonto
2.She can hear song once and then go play it on the piano.
3.Rebekah inherited Mom’s wonderful sense of direction. I’ve stopped arguing with her about whether I should turn left or right or go back the other way- I got tired of hearing “I told you so.”

I suppose there is a lot more to say about her but I'll close by saying this: My life would be exceedingly dull, lusterless, and completely devoid of chandelier earrings if it wasn’t for Rebekah. :-)

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