Monday, November 03, 2008

Cameo #1

As promised, here is the first of the cameo posts about my family.


Born in Seattle, WA and raised in the mid-west in Cincinnati, OH. He wasn't what you would call an angelic child and with some of the scrapes he got into, I think it's a miracle he lived past 5 years of age. But, God had bigger plans for him.

One of those plans involved being getting married and being a dad to 5 kids.
As a father, he's always been a wonderful example of hard work, Godly character and how to make "groan-out-loud" puns.

He loves to study theology and is very good at teaching it too. He also knows more Scripture by heart than anyone else I know. I call him The Walking Concordance.

When I was learning to drive, I found that I preferred driving with Dad instead of Mom. I think it was because he didn’t panic if I got too close or anything…he would just get loud if I did something REALLY wrong. Now he tells me that I’m a good driver. :-)

At Christmas time, you have to either hide the sugar cookie dough or just not tell him that you’re making sugar cookies. Sometimes though, I set aside a little ball of dough, just for him…(yeah, I know, I’m a suck up.)

Five things you might not know about my Dad:

1. He’s a wiz at packing the car for Family Camp or Camping or any kind of trip that involves massive amounts of luggage and ‘stuff’. It always manages to fit!
2. He’s a big softie when it comes to a cute puppy.
3. If he asks you your birthdate, it's most likely that he will remember it for the rest of his life.
4. He always asks for apricot pie on his birthday.
5. He can do a remarkable impression of a singing Elmer Fudd.

He's a great guy. Yeah, I'm kind of attached to him.

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Rachel said...

Oh, but you didn't mention the most excellent Elvis impression that feel lucky enough to have personally witnessed at karaoke night in my garage. That's how I always think of Mr. John Unger. :)