Monday, February 02, 2009

Life Check

Last night we had some good friends over after church, the Dahlin family and the Shearer family. We had a great time playing games and some good discussions as well. Among those discussions came up the subject of covenant children and what kind of people do we want our children to be. We were talking about the different examples of characters and qualities (or lack thereof) that are so prevalent in our society around us and how we respond to those Biblically. Topics of smoking, tattoos, etc were brought up. I know people that I consider friends that participate in these activities. They know I don’t approve or agree and I won’t participate in them. But it makes me wonder sometimes what they are thinking.
As Amy and were continuing talking, she mentioned that she points to people like me and my sister and some others as examples of what she wants her daughters to emulate. Wow! Talk about a responsibility! While it’s nice to hear things like this, it’s also very humbling. Its things like this that God uses to help me keep my head straight. Even as an adult, I am still accountable to my parents since I'm still part of their household. But I am also being held accountable by sources much smaller (and younger) than just my parents. I teach Sunday School to 2-3 year olds. Jesus had some very heavy (no pun intended) words on this subject in Matthew 18:6. I have to ask myself: What kind of example am I helping to set? Who am I and what is my life saying to these kids?

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