Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I’ve been working on a few projects lately. I hope to have two of them done before April. Not that anything is happening in April, I just figured that it’s a far-enough-away-but-also-close-enough-to-motivate-me time frame, plus spring will be well on its way, and it’s before I start gallivanting off around the world in June. Wait, you didn’t know that I was a galivanteer? ;-) Actually, I’m only going to Poland with a group from my church and one other for a mission’s trip for two weeks, but we will be stopping in Germany sometime along the way; but it is the furthest from home I’ve ever been.

But I digress; the topic on hand is projects. The first that I hope to have done is the blanket I began making for my nephew a long time ago, so long, I’m not entirely sure of the date, I just know he wasn’t born yet…he’s now 14 months old….yea…time to finish. The other project is one that is the first of its kind that I’ve ever done. I acquired a dresser (for free- yes!) from a neighbor. It was in need of some repair and a lot of TLC. Thus far, I have all the drawers glued or nailed back to working order, and stripped of their hideous brown paint with a sad attempt of white distressing over it. The top of the dresser is all sanded of paint but the sides still need to be done as well as the front. I’m having so much fun! And this is actually turning out to be a rather cheap project, because I got the dresser for free, we already had glue, nails and even the stain that I’m going to use, so far the only thing I’ve had to buy is the paint stripper and cleaner - $14 total. Makes me happy. :-) I wish I had taken a before picture of the dresser so I could post an after shot, but maybe I’ll just post what it looks like now, then the final product.


Leah V. said...

Hi Rachel! I figured it was about time for me to leave a comment and let you know that I've been reading your blog and enjoying your posts. :)
My BIG project right now is wedding thank-yous. Whoever said that new brides had a year to write them was a genius.
Your dresser project sounds like fun!

Rachel said...

Hi Leah--I'm glad you enjoy it. I hear you have another BIG project going on---one that takes about 9 months to complete. :-) Congratulations!

Leah V. said...

Haha, yes, that is my main big project, and getting bigger (and making me bigger in the process)! Thanks! :D