Friday, March 27, 2009

From one 'Couv to the next

Today I am headed up to Vancouver, BC with my sister Becka and our friend Adrianna. We're going up to visit some friends that are coming with our group on our mission's trip this summer to Poland.
I'm looking forward to it. *code for: I get to leave work early!*

I'm also looking forward to trying out my new toy that I just got...

I think I'll make Becka drive for a while so I can program the new thing...I'm trying to read the manual before I use it...slightly techno challenged over here... :^)

Have a great weekend!


Leah V. said...

Ooooh, nice camera! Does that mean we can expect more pictures on here now? ;) Have a great trip!

Rachel said...

I hope it means that! Have to figure out all it's bells and whistles. :-)