Wednesday, June 21, 2006

explanations and doings

So here I am away from my normal home blog, posting because I felt the need to and have yet to figure out what is actually wrong with my own blog. Whether I'm lazy or stupid or both I have yet to find out. I prefer to say that I am technologically challenged. For example: I just learned how to add a personalized HTML signature to my email the other day.
We returned from a restful but busy week at our church family camp last Saturday, the 17th. I keep asking myself, if it was so restful, why am I so tired? :-)
Now we're back in the full swing of things at home - doing laundry, keeping the house tidy, etc. Oh, and keeping cool! Water is a wonderful thing!
It was 105 yesterday! Supposedly it's going to be cooler the rest of the week. (Only upper 80s and low 90s!) :-) I'm just thankful I get to work in an air-conditioned building!

So much has happened since I last posted on my other blog.
I had my 20th birthday in April - my golden birthday. Rebekah threw me a party for that and it was a blast! :-)
Most you know that I have a new job. I started May 1st. I now work at Columbia Credit Union. I love my job, I have Christian bosses and a few of my co-workers are too, I have great hours and I'm learning more everyday! Praise God for His infinite goodness! This was a real answer to prayer.
Jared and Olivia both broke their arms the first two weeks of May. Thankfully, they seem to be healing and should have their casts off soon. (In time for the wedding too!)
Bethany, my older sister, is getting married in 2 weeks and 3 days! Yikes!! (that's a happy and excited 'yikes' btw.) :-) We're scurrying about finishing up the last things to do.
Family Camp (which I mentioned previously) was two weeks ago. The weather was kind of mucky but it was fun and refreshing nonetheless.

I'm going to Seattle this Friday with Bethany just to have a "sister-date" and hang out. We're going to go shopping, wander and take pictures and whatever else take our fancy. :-) I like driving up to the Seattle area. I'm going to see if I can't get her to stop in the Puget Sound area so I can take some pictures.
My Grandma Joann (dad's Mom) gets in this week. She'll be staying with us until after the wedding.
Lots to do, so little time!

That's it for now. Until next time!

"I'd rather be in the palm of your Hand, though rich or poor I may be..."

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