Monday, May 22, 2006

21 Days

I didn’t receive a huge bunch of responses, but thank you to those of you who did respond. For those of you with short term memory loss, like myself….what was I saying? Oh Yes! Here is the question I posed this past weekend: If you could only bring one item to camp what would it be?
The most popular answer seemed to be sunscreen. Amongst the others were, camera, and clothes (although clothe'S' is plural) :^D
I think if I could bring one thing with me it would be --- either my Bible or underwear. Yep. I can handle sunburn, I figure they will feed me and I can wear my clothes for a couple of days at least.
BUT since we don’t have to bring just one thing, here is the List of Essentials to Bring To Camp:
Clothes – various types of warm and cold for the various (and sometimes unpredictable) types of beach weather.
Sunglasses – unless you prefer harmful UV rays and squinting.
Sunscreen – I don’t think red is really your color
A Jacket –for when you’re banned from the warm side of the campfire and you don’t want to sit downwind because then you would have to sit in the smoke so the only other option is to retreat away from the warm blaze.
Footwear – whatever you please
Bible – best for Chapel time
Hairbrush, toothbrush and other toiletries necessary for good hygiene – the goal is to make friends at camp, not drive the ones you have away.
A pillow – they do provide mattresses in the cabins but I do prefer my own pillow
Snacks – plenty to share
Flashlight – or if you’re like me, just stumble in the dark until you stub your big toe really hard.
Camera - for capturing all those candid-can-only-be-or-can-only-happen-at-camp moments
A good sense of fun is also required :^D
I think that’s pretty much it!
21 Days until Camp!
Rachel :^D

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