Tuesday, May 16, 2006

26 days

Too hot! *pant pant* I wonder if some of this nice weather will spill over to June. It would be great at the beach!

Some folks have responded to what they like to do best at camp (or what they look forward to the most).
Here are a few:
~Watermelon at the picnic meal
~Sleeping on the comfy couches in the gym
~Tsunami drills :-)
~Singing with everyone before chapel
~Playing an over 100 point air-hockey game
~Just being lazy and chatting with friends

I think one of the things I look foward most about camp is getting to see friends I otherwise wouldn't get to see during the year. That and just being able to see the church community having such wonderful Godly fellowship and knowing that I am a part of that is what I look forward to the most. Even though everyone goes home so tired (don't tell me you don't leave camp feeling tired) in a way, I still go home refreshed by the fellowship and teaching that goes on during that one week.

26 Days until Camp!
Rachel :-)

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