Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Still and Starry

The stars twinkled through some broken clouds while the half-moon shined softly on the snow-covered fields in a valley. The snow-topped hills reflected the gentle light as well. There were soft silhouettes of barns and a few houses dotting the landscape. Not a soul in sight, not even any little critters.
Sounds like this could be the description of the front of your Christmas cards this year, or maybe even a pretty painting. Actually, this is the view I had on my way home last night from work. It was so beautiful. No lights other than the moon and my own headlights on the road. I really wanted to just stop the car and get out and watch for few minutes, but it was really cold and there was no telling when another car might be coming - even on the back roads. It gave me that "Christmas is coming!" feeling and got me all excited all over again!
Praise the Lord for His beautiful creation and for eyes to see it with!

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