Saturday, November 03, 2007

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

OK, so maybe that's a little premature, but with all the ads on TV and radio how can you not be thinking about it? It also seems that November 1st is that magic day to start thinking about Christmas shopping. Why the 1st? Is it because there are only 55 days left until Christmas? (Yes, I did say 55, only that would make it 53 days now.)
I've been doing Christmas shopping since July or August. I'm almost done too. I think I only have about 4 gifts left to buy. Maybe I'm a little premature. Oh well. In this case it's good for me. As I have a tendency to procrastinate on certain things, being ahead of the game in this situation makes me feel much more prepared.
Not to mention I can focus more on getting ready for Thanksgiving!!
Which is only 19 days from now, by the way. :-)

In other news:

I need to turn in my passport application on Wednesday. The passport application that has been sitting in my room for about 5 weeks. It could have probably been processed by now. But, because, as I stated in the above, I have a tendency to procrastinate, I have to pay extra to have it expedited. What joy is mine. Just goes to show that procrastination doesn't pay. Well, it does, I suppose; just has to pay extra.


Kathryn Erland said...

Hey Rachel! I like the new look. :)

Bethany B said...

Yes, PLEASE get your passport! I don't want you stuck in Canada indefinitely. ;-)

Melanie said...

Hi Rachel...I noticed you linked me up so I linked you and your sis up too. I hope you are having a good week!

I have been wanting to tell you what a great job you are doing in the 2-3s class! Thanks so much for your willingness to teach the little ones!