Tuesday, May 17, 2005

25 Days left!

Hello peoples,
Well, yesterday was a good day! For those of you who haven't heard...we got
a puppy! His name is Wally. Very cute and smart. Today we've been working on
potty-training. Fun, fun, fun. :-)
Camp it getting closer. Right now I'm feeling like it's breathing down my
neck...oh, wait...that's someone else. :-)
Some of you are probably packed by now. Personally I try to pack early, but
I think this year I might join all the procrastinators and share in the
experiance for myself. What's it like- packing at the last minute? Do you
find you get everything or do forget a lot of essentials? Do you make sure
to get the essentials and figure "oh, well, someone else will have a
sweatshirt I can borrow" ? Do you forget your clothes completely or does
someone forget them for you? :-)
I am very interested in all these details of your fascinating lives
pre-camp. Feel free to share your packing experiences!
25 days until CAMP!

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