Tuesday, May 03, 2005

39 Days Left

Good evening everyone,
This is being sent out rather late I know; many of you are probably in bed and if you're not...you should be! :-)
"Well, you're obviously still up!" you say.
Yes, well, there's a reason for that. As you can see.
I think this year there should be some kind of daily theme at camp.
Monday we could organize people into their geographical regions by the color of socks they will wear. All the orange socks sit together; all the green socks sit together; all the purple socks sit together; I think you get the idea.
Tuesday could be Protestors Day - protest anything you want: war, peace, the color puce (seriously, someone should protest that color...) raw vegetables, hydrogenated oils, etc.
Wednesday could be Opera Day- you have to sing everything you want to say. Chapel would definitely be interesting.
Thursday - it will rain.
I'm feeling very sleepy therefore Friday and Saturday's themes will be forthcoming tomorrow.
39 days until camp! :^)

Why aren't you in bed yet? :-)

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