Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Story Time...

Hello friends,
I must again apologize for my lack of countdowning. I hope today to make it up to you in a small part.
Today I shall bring to you a tale; a tale of amusement a tale of suspense, a tale of woe. (Well whether or not there is suspense and woe involved- I’ll leave that up to you.) This is the tale of a brave and noble knight and his unwilling but obedient squire/sidekick.

Episode I - The Menacing BLOB

It was a cold, wet day at the Oregon coast in the beginning of June. The great fortress of the Two Twin Rock Towers was home to the small, but not so small band of men, women, and children, brave enough to bear the blustering winds and stinging rain for the week. All hope of sunny skies and fair breezes had vanished when word spread that a certain Lord Mahar had prayed for good weather. All week the people of the fortress had stayed within the shelters of the feasting hall, commons room, and stable. Meanwhile out on the Vast Lake of Many Fish, a Giant BLOB waited. No- one had yet dared to challenge the BLOB, partially because of the weather, and partially because none within the fortress had challenged a BLOB before. Had it been done? By who? Did they survive? So the people contented themselves with games of cards (I hear poker became very popular.) shuffleboard and foos-ball. At length, a brave knight decided that he would take no more of the monotony. He was a bold man and decided that he would venture down to the Vast Lake of Many Fish and CHALLENGE the BLOB. This brave knight was Sir Deacondavehoover. Sir Deacondavehoover called to his trusty squire/sidekick: The Apprentice Asa.
"Apprentice Asa, I have decided to challenge the BLOB.”
“Gee, that’s great Boss.” Answered The Apprentice.
“And you,” continued the Knight, “shall help me”
The Apprentice Asa was a bit taken back by such a command and promptly tried to convince Sir Deacondavehoover that he was unfit for such a task.
“Nonsense!” Declared Sir Knight. “You WILL help me!”
“But Sir Deacondavehoover, I have never challenged a BLOB before! I don’t think I’m strong enough!” protested The Apprentice.
Now Sir Deacondavehoover was not just a Knight but a drywaller as well and The Apprentice Asa was not just his squire/sidekick but his employee. Therefore Sir Deacondavehoover asked very shrewdly? “Do you want to go back to being unemployed in GREENLAND??”
The Apprentice Asa wasn’t too sure where Greenland was but it didn’t sound pleasant. After all, green wasn’t really his color. So he reluctantly agreed to his Knight’s request.


32 Days until Camp!
Rachel :-)

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