Friday, May 06, 2005

Talent Night memories

Hello peoples,
Just so all of you know, my gracious sister Bethany has set up this blog for the countdown. I thought about posting all the countdowns on my blog but realized that would really clutter it up. So we have set up a blog for the countdown.
So if you have missed a countdown, or want to read them over again this year or next year (for the dear old times sake, of course....) you can come here to read them. I will be posting all the countdowns there after I send them out.
There is a comment section on this blog but PLEASE do not let it deter you from sending me emails. As I've said before: I thrive of feedback! If you don't give me feedback-- I'll...I'll...I'll... I'll think of something to do!!
There's all the boring stuff. :-) Now the fun begins. One of my favorite things about camp (amongst the many favorite things!) is Talent Night.

Here are some memorable Camp Talent Night moments:
>The time that Nathan and Jonny Dahlin, and "Ben and Jerry" Hayes sang the Monty Python "Brave Sir Robin" song. (I especially liked the part when Seth Moore jumped out at them with a sword and "Brave, brave Sir Robin ran away".)
>The time when Kenny Hangartner, the romantic woo-er sang a ballad of love to his brother Jon playing the "sweetheart."
>The "Three Little Maids" performed by Ben Casbon, James VanDyken and Patrick Swanson. Especially enjoyable since the song was about 2 octaves too high for them. :-)
>Bethany Unger (my sister) riding out on her rifle instead of the stick pony during our family's skit.
>Mr. Horvath's "Michelangelo and Pope" skit. "There's a kangaroo?!?"
>MIGHTY MIKE by the Kumley's
>Mrs. Erland's beautiful operatic performances.
I'm sure I've only touched the tip of the iceberg :-)
See you tomorrow! 36 days until Camp!!

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