Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Congratulations - we have reached the 38-day mark

Hello all,
This is going to be hurried as I have a very important show to go watch. LOST. The most absolutely bestest show on television. Next to Jerry Springer of course. :-)
Ok, so finishing up yesterday's thought on thematic days of the week:
Friday - We can play LOST. C'mon we're already on the beach and we have a whole bunch of woods behind the camp. What could be more perfect? We'll draw lots as to who gets to play the main characters. The rest of you can be the little people who wander around on the beach looking busy. Or if LOST doesn't work for you, we can do Gilligan's Island!! "A three-hour tour!" (my mom says LOST is basically Gilligan's Island on steroids.)
Saturday - hmmm......that will be the day to scurry around in a mad rush trying not to forget anything and then stuffing yourself full of ice-cream....oh, wait. We do that already. Oh well!
I have to go now. I need to go get LOST.
38 days until Camp!

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