Thursday, May 26, 2005


The sun is shining, the days are getting warmer, school is almost out, Family Camp is drawing nearer, and I am sunburned.
Yes, today I procured my first sunburn of the season! I feel like celebrating.....with Aloe Vera.
We are officially into the "teens" for the campdown! I'm so excited! My mom wants to start packing next weekend.
Which reminds me...
THE FAMILY CAMP PACKING LIST (never leave home without least never leave for camp without it)
>Clothes - always a MUST
>Deodorant - no one wants to smell you like that
>Sweater or Sweatshirt or some kind of Jacket (or if your like me- all of the above) - Campfires on the beach can be a bit chilly, especially if you've been banned from the best spots around the fire by the adults and have to sit on the edge where the heat doesn't quite reach and the smoke gets in your eyes. *pauses a moment to reminisce*
>Toothpaste- no one wants to smell you like that either (one of the benefits of camp is getting to know everyone by their morning breath) :-)
>Sun Screen- the sun does shine here too...I have proof
>Aloe Vera - for those of you who forgot the sunscreen *ouch*
>Foot Wear - all kinds of foot gear that are appropriate for walking on gravel paths, strolling leisurely along the beach, racing for home plate, or just to look nice.
>Snacks- not that they don't feed us well or anything, but snacks are always a welcome addition especially if you're the sharing type
>Camera - I strongly recommend it; the sunsets are so beautiful! :-)
I'm sure I've forgotten something. *scratches head* No doubt you will remind me later.
18 days until CAMP!

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