Sunday, May 22, 2005

I'm beginning to smell brine....

Good evening,
I would like to explain about the somewhat absurd and probably confusing note that you recieved earlier today.
That was the countdown that i was working on. It got sent on accident by a family member (who shall remain nameless). My deepest apologies for the confusion.
My apologies as well for not sending a campdown that last few days. Housetraining a puppy requires two eyes and sometimes they're difficult to spare. :-)
I'll just give you a brief synopsis of what I would have sent you if I could.
Wednesday would have held the answers to all the movies I included in my short story. They were: Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings Trilogy (various quotes) Princess Bride, Star Wars - Phantom Menace, Hamlet, Harry Potter (pick one) and the Television show "The Apprentice". Kudos to you who figured them all out.
Thursday would have had some quiz on something entirely random because I went to the midnight showing for Star Wars- Revenge of the Sith (which btw, was really good) Wednesday pm -Thursday am and I was totally zonked... zzzzzz...........
Friday would have held a list for your packing. I found that some people, like Sara Cone, "prefere to go through all the agonizing and deliberation of packing, and then let SOMEONE else {her brother Scott} leave it. :-) So much more convenient to blame it on someone else, isnt it? Plus, can always use new clothes, right?" And then there are those like Sara Dahlin, who plan their entire wardrobe before they even get to packing. And then there are those who would make a list, like Leah Evans - "Woe to me if I lost my list and had to pack from memory". Which do you relate to? I am kind of a combination of Leah and Sara Dahlin. I can only imagine what my list is going to look like this year....
Saturday - May 21st would have held a very warm and fuzzy "Happy Sweet 16th Birthday" to my sister Rebekah. (also would have had the results of that day's horse race :-) )
And that leaves us with today- Sunday, the explanation.
Maybe this will make you think that you haven't missed a thing. I promise I'll send out the campdown tomorrow! If I don't....a nameless family member will send out a random, short, and anonymous note. Don't you feel special?
22 days until Camp!
Rachel :-)

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