Saturday, May 14, 2005

And now you know the rest of the story...

Episode II - The Lord of the BLOB
Word spread quickly regarding the news of Sir Deacondavehoover and The Apprentice Asa's attempt to challenge The BLOB. Soon a crowd had gathered at The Vast Lake of Many Fish to see this historic event. Amongst the onlookers was The Apprentice Asa's fair sister Ana, her lady-in-not-so-waiting Sarah, his brother Sean and other friends, Ben - son of the ruling Lord, and Noah Notark. The Keeper of the Lake raised his staff to motion for silence. A hush fell over the crowd as the Keeper spoke solemnly to Sir Deacondavehoover and the Apprentice Asa.
"Many dangers in this challenge there are, and them must you face. Wish you may for it to be easy, but not for you to decide, that is. All can you do, is use the time that has been given you." instructed the Keeper, speaking slowly around his mouthful of long white beard.
"One woe doth tread upon another's heel." groaned Ana , as her fear of this monstrous BLOB overtaking her brother grew. "Does not a cloud oreshadow my brother's face?,"
"Do not fear sister." returned her brother Sean. "I feel that he is stronger than we give him credit for. Do you not think so Sarah?"
"Ah! He is tolerable I suppose." the maiden answered indifferently.
The Keeper finished his words of wisdom to the Knight and the squire. "Now let them be girded in their noble armor!"
Ben and Noah Notark stepped forward to assist Sir Deacondavehoover and The Apprentice Asa in getting into their armor.
"Orange armor?" exclaimed Sir Deacondavehoover, "Why orange?"
"The Keeper thinks that it might help in distracting the BLOB." explained Ben.
"A diversion!" remarked the not-overly bright Sean. "Brilliant!"
The tension grew thick as Sir Deacondavehoover and Apprentice Asa stepped out onto the dock to move toward the BLOB. The two had not moved many paces when Sir Deacondavehoover turned to Asa and said, "Wait here, I will call you when I am ready."
The Apprentice readily agreed shaking violently in his bright orange armor, with cold and fear. "No problem Boss. You go right ahead."
The Knight boldly stepped forward and shouted a challenge to the BLOB. "Alright you great blob of a BLOB come out fight if you're man enough!" The crowd on the shore stood in dreaded silence. Then with a great groaning The BLOB returned the challenge.
"Quick Asa! Come help me!" shouted Sir Deacondavehoover as he ran toward the BLOB. He gave a running leap and landed on the giant creature. Immediately the two began to struggle violently. The Knight made every effort to reach the BLOB's head and strike it down and finally grasped the ears and began beating the beast sensless.
The Apprentice Asa ran with all his might shouting a great battle cry "I'm coming BOSS!!" He made a mighty heave onto the BLOB thereby catapulting his employer into the Vast Lake of Many Fish.
But the BLOB lay motionless. Wild cheers arose from the mob on the shore; people were dancing with joy and rapture.
The Apprentice Asa jumped into the chilly waters next to his Knight and the two of them swam to the bank. Upon reaching it, Asa kissed the sand and sighed "I passed the test! I shall diminish and go into the west."
The Keeper raised the Knight and Apprentice from the ground and congratulated them. "Defeated the BLOB you have. Now, to the Feast Hall come. Much celebrating there will be."
With laurel wreaths upon their head, and the rejoicing crowd behind them, the victorious heroes retired the Great hall for much - well, feasting and and singing by the bards. One bard in particular, Bard Hangartner solemnly promised Sir Deacondavehoover and the Apprentice Asa that their story would forever go down in the course of history, to be sung by the bards so that no one would ever forget their brave and mighty deeds of valor in Defeating the Giant BLOB.
- The End

28 Days until CAMP!
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